We Are One of the Leading European Manufacturers of Sterile Eye and Nose Products

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Semi-Solid Products

Semi-Solid Products

Products such as ointments, creams, gels and other forms dosed into aluminium or plastic tubes.

Production of Sterile Drops

Production of Sterile Drops

Our facilities are equipped with a highly sophisticated dosing technology for sterile nose and eye drops, ranging from 5 to 10 ml in volume. The dosing process is performed in aseptic conditions with an additional restricted access barrier system (RABS) to ensure maximum product safety. Currently, the two production lines can achieve a speed of 180-250 units per minute and are considered one of the fastest in the world.

Production of Sterile Sprays

Production of Sterile Sprays

The plant contains state-of-the-art dosing machines for sterile mechanical sprays in volumes of 10 to 30 ml. The dosing process is performed in aseptic conditions with an additional restricted access barrier system (RABS) to ensure maximum product safety. Three production lines dose plastic and glass bottles, and are equipped with safety systems that control for the presence of the pump and fill volume of each bottle.

Bag-on-Valve (BoV) Technology

Bag-on-Valve (BoV) Technology

The BoV technology is used to fill sprays in 50 to 150 ml aluminium bottles, which can be used as 360° sprays or continuous stream applications. A key feature of this technology is that it achieves microbiological purity without the use of preservatives in the formulation, while the production line itself is designed to ensure continuous production, allowing greater flexibility and further cost reduction. Explore key benefits of our technology.


Enables the bottle to be fully (100%) emptied and the product to be used up entirely


Extends the shelf life of the product


Provides controlled spraying regardless of the application angle


Provides a continuous spray suitable for flushing


Has diverse application options thanks to the type of applicator


Suitable for liquid and viscous products as there is no need for using preservatives


Eco-friendly because the propellant gas is retained in the bottle


Complies with environmental protection requirements and eco-friendly air protection

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