Presentation of the new JGL corporate identity

JGL's new face - modern, human, fresh, bold


JGL was founded in 1991 as the first and only private pharmaceutical joint stock company in Croatia. It developed from a central laboratory for manufacturing and controlling magistral and galenic preparations for the "JADRAN" Rijeka pharmacy. The first product in the category of a drug, the Carbo Medicinalis tablets, was registered the same year.

From 1991 to the present, JGL has developed into an international pharmaceutical company with a wide range of brand-name generics, focused on high-quality development and strictly controlled production of drugs for the senses. Today it is a leader in using seawater benefits for heath reasons.


Systematic investments into employee knowledge and new product development, in addition to a close relationship with our customers and investments into modern technology, as well as new health markets have resulted in JGL becoming one of the fastest growing and the most stable Croatian companies. A total of 60% of all employees have a university degree and their average age is 35, what creates a highly dynamic, modern and entrepreneurial company environment.

JGL is the leader in using the benefits of seawater for health purposes. The Aqua Maris brand's leading position on the CIS markets has been reinforced through the conclusion of licensing agreements and sales agreements with numerous pharmaceutical companies on strictly controlled markets.

JGL pays a lot of attention to the rigorous quality control in all phases of the production process. Modern quality management principles are continuously implemented in all product realization processes and the company has thus been certified in accordance with the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, and the issuance of the Canadian GMP is also under way.

Today, JGL proudly ranks third within the national pharmaceutical industry, with 474 employees and revenue amounting to around HRK 500 million in 2010. In company ratings within the Croatian economy, JGL has been among the 500 most successful companies in Croatia for four consecutive years.


"JADRAN"-Galenski laboratorij d.d. (JGL), is a Croatian pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Rijeka. Over the past 20 years, with hard work and by developing innovative procedures and products, the company formed business relations based on trust and genuine care, with propulsive growth and expansion, both in terms of the portfolio and markets on which it is present.

Today, JGL offers a wide range of products in almost every technological form and in different legislative categories. The company has specialized in the production of sterile eye, nose and ear drops.

JGL has set forth very ambitious strategic goals - it plans to launch key brands, with emphasis on Aqua Maris, to more than the current 30 markets around the world, to network its business related to development, production and marketing with the leading pharmaceutical companies, to continuously increase productivity and raise the level of cost efficiency.

In that sense, aside from the existing active markets in the countries of Central, South-East and Eastern Europe and countries from the former Soviet Union, JGL is also actively engaged in communication with a series of potential partners in North (USA and Canada) and South (Brazil) America, Asia (China, India) and the Middle East.


Quality, safe and efficient product at a competitive price; the essence of the end user's benefits. JGL offers a wide range of brand-name generics and OTC products in nearly all technological forms and different legislative categories, from the basic and most demanding ones - drugs and medical products, to natural medicinal products and dermatological cosmetics intended for children and adults.

Today, the company portfolio consists of more than 400 products categorized in programme units.

  • Aqua Maris programme

Since 1999 JGL offers improved therapeutic Adriatic seawater resources in the form of the Aqua Maris product line in a unique, natural way and without any limitations in administration.

Today, the Aqua Maris product line is a strong brand and one of the most significant Croatian export products. Over the years JGL has added seven care products and ear, nose and throat treatment products, and it plans to introduce five more in the upcoming months.

JGL implemented the knowledge and seawater processing technology, as well its extensive experience gained through extensive clinical research and cooperation with the biggest clinical centres in the country and abroad, into a new innovative product Meralys, the second brand of the Aqua Maris programme.

  • Prescription programme - Brand-name generics programme

The company develops and produces generic drugs with added value, sold under its own, registered names. The focus is on the following therapeutic areas: drugs affecting the cardiovascular system, drugs affecting the blood and hematopoietic organs, drugs affecting the digestive system and the exchange of substances, and drugs affecting senses. The goal of the production process is to meet various market demands in regards to technological forms and therapeutic groups.

The ophthalmological group of products, with a world wide strategy based on B2B partnership, particularly stands out within the programme. The eye drop programme represents the company's strategic objective and these products will be placed on all markets.

The wide range of JGL's generic drugs, available in a number of pharmaceutical forms and doses, gives doctors the option to choose the best possible drug for their patients.

  • Non-prescription programme

Non-prescription preparations are used for the prevention of disease, but are also a part of the overall approach to treatment. The non-prescription preparations portfolio covers a wide range of products from the categories of OTC drugs, food supplements, special-purpose cosmetics and cosmetics.

The Dramina brand intended for the prevention of motion sickness is an important product within the OTC drugs group. Probiotic brands like ProlifeLactogyn i Normia provide both professionals in the field and end users with innovative probiotic solutions, a result of the latest scientific accomplishments. Vitalia is a line of dietary products in the form of capsules based on carefully chosen and professionally developed ingredients of vegetable, vitamin and mineral origin.

  • Cosmetics programme

From day one the established JGL cosmetics programme has been developed on natural substances. The pharmaceutical approach visible in the carefully selected plants, the strict quality control of finished products, development and production of cosmetics preparations are all a guarantee of the JGL product quality. Choosing nature as an unfailing source of therapeutic substances resulted in a range of products for baby and adult skin care. Product lines Sunce moje malo, and Holyplant cosmetic line are a result of such an approach.

By introducing new products, the cosmetics department plans to take a more aggressive step onto the global market, to become recognizable within the segment of premium cosmetics, especially with Adrience.

New visual identity

The year of celebration, during which the company marked two successful decades of operation based on systematically planned and efficient management, began with the presentation of the new visual identity.

The new, fresh and modern JGL identity speaks of the company and the characteristics its culture is focused on the most -a safe and efficient product, genuine services and strong relationships.

Unlike the previous visual identity, the company's new image is now based on a more colourful and dynamic design consisting of a logo, a sign and a matching slogan.

The sign was designed by combining different hues (color shades) placed in a circle and consisting of four elements -four drops. Each drop includes several elements and is of different colour, each colour symbolizing one of the company's basic corporate values. Therefore the blue drop is a symbol of seawater, one of JGL's main substances, and the green drop symbolizes environmental technology which is nature-friendlyThe orange drop represents the employees, JGL's main drivers, and the brown or organic component has been used as a symbol of production technology. All four drops are mutually dependent and form a closed circle suggesting safety and reliability.

The sign's primary version is printed in Latin script, however, since JGL's products have been long crossing the local borders, some applications also use the secondary version of the logo entitled "JADRAN" which is, depending on the market, printed in Latin or Cyrillic script.

Since in addition to the sign and the logo, the central place of the new visual identity is shared by the matching slogan "as precious as a drop of water", JGL hereby happily promises to try to understand the needs of its customers, partners and families in the period to come, to help solve health, business and life problems and to protect you and keep you precious as a drop of water!

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