JGL world’s leading producer of seawater-based products

The benefits of water which heals both body and spirit have been known since ancient times and proven by numerous scientific studies. The composition of seawater is unique and cannot be synthetically prepared, while seawater-based production requires special experience and a highly controlled process due to the fact that seawater is a natural raw material which is hard to stabilise.  JGL is one of the world's pioneers in the segment of seawater-based products for home use, particularly in the segment of products for nasal hygiene  where, together with its Aqua Maris brand, it holds more than 5% of the world market (according to an independent source, the Nicholas Hall agency). According to the same source, JGL is the world's third nasal saline producer, and the world's largest brand based on seawater. Meralys is a new innovative JGL drug, a unique combination of seawater and a preservative-free remedy which relieves nasal congestion.

The sea is a rich mixture which, apart from minerals and microelements, contains a series of compounds, among which those with antibacterial and antiviral activity have been isolated. The healing properties of seawater have been known since ancient times and the first written records were left by the father of modern, western medicine - Hippocrates, who noted his observations and realized that seawater heals fishermen's wounded hands. In the 2nd century, Greek physician and philosopher Galen advised patients who suffered from breathing problems to lie down on the seashore and breathe in the waves hitting the rocks.

Thanks to the products within the Aqua Maris line, today the benefits of seawater can be used throughout the year in the comfort of our own home, at our workplace or during travel. Due to its complexity, seawater cannot be produced synthetically, therefore Aqua Maris is produced from the purest parts of the Adriatic Sea. The seawater is drawn from the parts of the sea far from human settlements and according to a strictly defined procedure. The place where seawater is obtained from is a trade secret, but the very process of obtaining the seawater and seawater input analyses have been verified and approved by both Croatian and numerous foreign inspection authorities for medicines and medical products.

The Adriatic Sea is one of the cleanest seas in Europe (report of the European Environmental Agency for 2011). In comparison to the ocean, it has a higher salinity and is richer in minerals and microelements. Years of experience in manufacturing drugs and seawater-based products allowed JGL to develop a unique manufacturing process by which sterile products are obtained from the Adriatic seawater without heating and gamma-radiation sterilization which could undermine its integrity and healing properties. The cutting-edge technical solutions of package and spray ensure sterility of our products even after they have been manufactured and during their administration, without any preservatives. We are, therefore, certain that we deliver high-quality products for ear, throat and nose to the market, 100% natural solutions from the biggest laboratory in the world - the sea.

Aqua Maris, JGL's biggest export brand, has been recognized by consumers in 32 European and world markets. Aqua Maris is the leading brand in the segment of nasal saline solutions in the CIS region (especially in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan) and in Southeastern Europe. Aqua Maris has won numerous quality and innovation awards including Inpex (Pittsburgh, USA) and Eureka (Brussels), as well as Superbrand organisation recognition for 2009 and Best Buy for 2010 in Croatia. The quality of Aqua Maris products for throat, ear and nose has been confirmed in numerous clinical research studies, as well as by 70 million users.

Meralys is a new JGL brand, an innovative decongestant spray which quickly and efficiently relieves nasal congestion, providing relief for up to ten hours. The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that a nasal decongestant remedy has for the first time been dissolved in a seawater solution which simulated natural decongestion mechanisms. The fact that the preparation has been equipped with a new innovative pump is no less important, since it prevents microbiological contamination during administration with special filters and silver. This is why this drug does not contain preservatives, which is significant since new research studies point to the fact that preservatives in sprays and nasal drops cause a prickling sensation when applied, damaging the nasal mucous membrane. Meralys thus presents a new generation of nasal sprays, an innovative solution of the JGL research team, and will soon be available in all markets in the region.

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