When Your Eyes Are Sending Distress Signals, Pay Attention

Did you know that as many as 40 percent of people choose to ignore the symptoms of dry eye and the usual advertising messages related to this problem because they do not identify with them?

We at JGL have therefore focused on the eyes in our new communication strategy, and offered a solution – our Vizol S products.

In early March, we partnered with the creative agency Señor and completed a new platform for the Vizol S brand. Its central concept is an SOS signal in Morse code that can be seen and heard in all of the creative solutions we came up with and on all channels. The SOS signal is a clear representation of a warning about irritation, eye strain, dryness, itchiness and burning, all of which is your eyes’ way of telling you to seek immediate relief from the discomfort. The SOS signal is actually a call for immediate action.

The videos target four of our main consumer groups: the young mother who is trying hard to find a proper work-life balance, the gamer who is so invested in the game that they can’t take their eyes off the console, the allergic person exposed to allergens in a seemingly pleasant environment, and the person laser-focused on the computer screen at work. 

The advertisement is an invitation for all those affected by these problems to pay attention to the signals their eyes are sending them. It is also a message telling them that immediate relief and high-quality solutions for everyone are available in our Vizol S portfolio.

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