The Vizol S brand – innovative and unique on the market

JGL's focus on developing and producing drugs for the senses is highlighted in its vision, while one of four key strategic guidelines also underlines the technological devotion to development and production of sterile pharmaceutical forms - solutions in the ORL and ophthalmics fields of indication.

The attractiveness of the ophthalmics segment is also reflected in the numbers - three years ago the global ophthalmics market was worth almost EUR 11 billion, while in 2012 it saw a 7% increase.

Recently the JGL's ophthalmics range has been enriched by a new brand.  Vizol S consists of two products:

  • Vizol S artificial tears with 0.21 % hyaluronic acid, intended for milder symptoms of dry eyes and suitable for persons with contact lenses,
  • Vizol S artificial tears with s 0.4 % hyaluronic acid, intended for severe symptoms of dry eyes. They ensure prolonged moisturization and a better protection, and are also used as night therapy.

The Vizol S products are innovative and unique in many aspects:

  • thanks to a revolutionary filter inside the bottle, they do not contain any harmful preservatives. Patients who often instil artificial tears should use preservatives-free products because they have fewer side effects, less toxic influence on the structure of the eye and do not cause permanent cell damage,
  • Vizol S 0.4 is the most viscous product on the market, which ensures prolonged moisturization of the eye and pleasant feeling,
  • they have a unique applicator for easier use,
  • during application, the drops are formed in an economic manner.

The dry eye syndrome affects more and more people, and only 32% people with symptoms of dry eyes use artificial tears! Eye dryness may occur due to disorders of the tear film (tear deficiency or their copious evaporation), prolonged computer work, dry and warm air (radiators, air conditioners, wind, smoke), contact lenses, ageing and other factors. Eye drops serve as a substitute for natural tears and are intended for the protection, moisturization and lubrication of the eye.

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