The revolutionary Aqua Maris Oto Ear Spray is here

Cerumen impaction is the most frequent otological problem, affecting up to 10% of children, 5% of adults, 57% of the older population and 36% of patients with intellectual disabilities. It causes symptoms such as a feeling of discomfort, impaired hearing, nausea and dizziness, buzzing in the ears or pain, and it can also contribute to auricle inflammation.

An important factor causing the creation of cerumen obturans (impacted cerumen) is improper ear hygiene, especially cleaning the ear canal with cotton swabs. In fact, up to 70% of people regularly clean their ears by using this method. However, in this type of cleaning the ear wax is only pushed deeper into the ear canal, with possible injuries to the sensitive skin in the ear canal skin or damage to the eardrum.

From now on, Aqua Maris offers a unique solution for ear hygiene and the prevention of cerumen obturans - the Aqua Maris Oto Ear Spry (100 ml). The uniqueness of the product lies in its innovative atomizer invented by the Canadian otorhinolaryngologist, Dr. John MacRae, with a patented design enabling an outward dispersion of the fluid. This method supports the natural cleaning mechanisms, while avoiding pressure to the eardrum and the delicate ear structure. Furthermore, the product contains isotonic seawater, with salts softening the cerumen surface through ionic tension, thus alleviating its removal.

The spray is also based on the advanced "bag-on-valve" technology, protecting the liquid from contact with external elements. Nitrogen, which contributes to 80% of the atmosphere, is additionally used as a propellant, making these products environmentally friendly.  Like the other products in the Aqua Maris line, the new Aqua Maris Oto product does not contain any preservatives or additives, and is available over the counter in pharmacies across Croatia.

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