Tesla Visitor Corner in the Pablo Pharmacy in Gospić

Today, Pablo Pharmacy and JGL Pharmacy Museum employees unveiled the Nikola Tesla memorial plaque on his home in Gospić, where he spent significant years of his childhood and decided to attend the Faculty of Engineering. The building today houses the Pablo Pharmacy. The Tesla Visitor Corner was also opened to the public, offering many interesting facts about our greatest inventor.

“The building where the Pablo Pharmacy today takes care of patients in Gospić is where the young Nikola Tesla spent seven years of his childhood until he went to secondary school in Rakovac. After finishing secondary school, he returned home and contracted cholera. According to him, he was saved from death by a miraculous remedy made from the bitter decoction of a special type of bean. Back then, traditional medicine saved lives, whereas today, lives are saved by modern pharmacy. In the Pablo Pharmacy and the entire JGL Group, we continuously strive to keep up with the latest scientific achievements in pharmacy and treatment for the benefit of all our patients, just as Tesla worked on his inventions for the benefit of all humanity,” Sanja Mihanović, director of the Pablo Pharmacy, the chain within the JGL Group, pointed out at the opening.

Marin Pintur, head of the JGL Pharmacy Museum, who participated in the installation of the memorial plaque and Tesla’s corner in the pharmacy, emphasised the importance of preserving the heritage of our famous scientists and inventors, as well as history and culture.

“For those of us who work to preserve cultural heritage and monuments, it is especially exciting when we can connect it with a great man from these parts, Nikola Tesla. The JGL Pharmacy Museum is one of the youngest museums in Croatia, and just as Tesla contributed with his inventions, pharmacy also greatly contributed to civilisation and culture. Our museum’s mission is to affirm pharmacy as part of our health and cultural identity, preserve the rich history of pharmacy in Croatia, and talk about the importance of health and the pharmacy profession. That is why it is not surprising that we want to connect our contribution to the development of health with the great contribution that Tesla and his inventions gave to humanity. I believe that by opening Tesla’s corner in the Pablo Pharmacy, we will be able to bring that part of history closer to the many visitors of this town,” said Marin Pintur.

 The project was realised in cooperation with the “Ivo Pilar” Institute of Social Sciences. The opening ceremony of the memorial plaque and Tesla’s corner in the Pablo Pharmacy was visited and welcomed by numerous representatives of the health, political and economic life of Lika-Senj County.

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