JGL Wins Top Workplace Award as One of the Best Employers

The company Luppa (part of the Degordian Group handed out the Top Workplace awards to the top employers in 2022, including JGL!

The Top Workplace Award is given as a way to reward employers who set the highest standards in employee satisfaction in the workplace and achieve above-average results. The evaluation is done as follows: the results of the climate and employee satisfaction survey of each company are compared with the results of other companies conducting the same survey, and only those companies whose results are at least 20 per cent better than the results of the comparative analysis win the award.

“This recognition has been a positive new experience for us. In the last 13 years since we have been measuring workplace climate, satisfaction and engagement, we have been our own biggest critic, relying on ourselves as the primary benchmarking criterion, which varies each year based on our internal pulse. We have gained a completely new perspective now, which is that we can compare ourselves with other companies,” said Lorena Dika, Director of Corporate HR at JGL, during the award ceremony, adding: “We are proud and feel a responsibility to uphold this standing as a top employer and working environment in the coming years because at the core of every business story are and always will be people. Our capacity to grow sustainably as a company but also to develop ourselves as individuals hinges on the strength, coordination and satisfaction of our employees.”

Three criteria were used to evaluate employers: Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), engagement and an overall score based on 12 dimensions of satisfaction: communication, work-life balance, leadership, cooperation, learning and development, work organisation, engagement, loyalty, innovation and change management, working conditions, vision and purpose, and autonomy. Other winners of the 2022 Top Workplace Award include Rimac, ASEE, Telegram, Index.hr, Factory X, Max&Moris, Enna, INsig2, HSM Informatika, and Degordian.

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