JGL Sells 200 Million Aqua Maris Products

JGL has sold the 200 millionth product of one of its most successful Croatian export brands – Aqua Maris!

Aqua Maris products on the basis of water from the Adriatic Sea have been on the market since 1999. This is a completely natural product line encompassing twelve different products intended for hygiene and the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory diseases.

Last year alone, JGL sold over 15 million Aqua Maris products, with as much as 98 percent in foreign markets. The best results come from the company’s key markets – in Croatia and Kazakhstan, Aqua Maris holds the leading market position, with 47 percent and 54 percent of the market share respectively. In Russia and Ukraine, Aqua Maris holds the second position with 26 percent of the market share in each country, and consumers from Belarus have recently voted the brand the number 1 natural product for nasal hygiene.

"We are very happy with the success of our key brand. Along with 100 percent own production, certified in accordance with EU regulations, which ensures quality, sustainability and an uninterrupted market supply, I believe that the key to success of Aqua Maris are our employees who continuously work on the improvement of our products and sales. In the technological part of R&D, we work together with packaging manufacturers on the continuous improvement of the existing systems, to make the use of the product for our customers as easy and healthy as possible. Furthermore, in cooperation with the scientific community, especially in this last period of the pandemic, we emphasise the benefits of regular use of Aqua Maris products to moisturise the nose and the nasal cavity. Our new slogan "Wash your hands & nose” reminds us that hygiene is key for defending and protecting ourselves both from seasonal viruses and from impurities that are present in the air”, says Mislav Vučić, JGL’s CEO.

Today, Aqua Maris is present in more than 20 countries around the world, and in 2019, it realised net sales in the amount of HRK 260 million, which is a 16% increase compared to the previous year. The highest absolute sales growth compared to the previous year was achieved in Russia, where sales grew by 17%. An increase in sales of Aqua Maris has also been recorded in other markets, so sales in Ukraine increased by 20%, in Belarus by 45%, in Azerbaijan by 55%, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina by 20%.



JGL has marked the sales of the 200 millionth Aqua Maris product with a few interesting facts. If this many Aqua Maris bottles were placed alongside each other, the resulting distance would equal that from Rijeka to Moscow and further, by the Trans-Siberian Railway, to Vladivostok. Alternatively, this quantity of Aqua Maris would be enough to fill two Olympic-size swimming pools, with the depth of three metres. Looking at it from the medical point of view, if Aqua Maris circulated through the human heart instead of blood, it would take a whole year for the quantity in 200 million Aqua Maris bottles to circulate through the hearts of one adult and two children.

If five litres of blood, present in the body of an average adult, were replaced by the contents of Aqua Maris products, this quantity would be enough for 1,260,000 people (200 million Aqua Maris products contain a total of 6,300,000 litres), which roughly corresponds to the population of Zagreb and Zagreb County.

It would take six years and four months to count 200 million Aqua Maris products, if counting one product took one second. In total, this would be equal to spending around 30 seconds looking at every exhibit in the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. If, on the other hand, we counted only the 8-hour working day, it would take more than 19 years. According to UNESCO’s statistical information, more Aqua Maris products were produced in 21 years than there are presently books in the world. And according to UN’s estimates, this quantity of Aqua Maris products is enough for all children born in 2019 and 2020 thus far.

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