Dječja mast JGL ointment for children celebrates its 30th birthday

Dječja mast JGL ointment for children was used by every fourth Croatian at some point in their early life and this year, it celebrates its big anniversary – its 30th birthday. It was this ointment that marked the beginnings of JGL, and it is still a favourite of many mums and dads today. Dječja mast JGL ointment for children has been used by many generations, former babies are now mothers themselves and their first choice is Dječja mast JGL ointment for children.  

"We are really proud that the first product our company produced is still so popular today because we have never given up on quality for our little ones. Dječja mast JGL ointment for children makes up more than half of the Croatian market in the care of delicate baby skin because it protects sensitive baby skin from redness, irritation, inflammation and nappy rash. The secret of its popularity is that it has been recommended by word of mouth, from one mum to another, for generations, so mums and dads are very familiar with our ointment,” said Vice Buljanović, director of Adrialab, the company that produces the ointment for children since 2015 and which is fully owned by JGL. 

It is estimated that a baby has their nappy changed about 7000 times over two years. That is why every parent takes the care of their baby’s skin very seriously. And if we take into account the number of newborns, market share and the past 30 years – we can conclude that Dječja mast JGL ointment for children is a real staple and has come into contact with as many as a million most intimate areas of Croatian people, that is, it is familiar with every fourth bottom in Croatia. 

That is why, on the occasion of this special birthday, part of the proceeds from the sale of the ointment will be donated to little ones. A limited edition of Dječja mast JGL ointment for children is already available in stores and in October, Adrialab will donate HRK 1 from its sales to the Zagreb Children’s Hospital.

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