Aqua Maris 4Allergy for fight against allergies

JGL's 100% natural Aqua Maris product range brings a revolutionary solution that combines the healing properties of the sea and an innovative substance called ectoine to provide protection from allergens and irritants. The Aqua Maris 4Allergy nasal spray is a safe and efficient way of relieving the symptoms of allergy rhinitis that also supports the regeneration of the nasal mucosa. This natural product with clinically proven efficiency can be used in children and the most sensitive patients and may be used for therapy and prevention. Depending on the strength of symptoms, it can be used independently or in combination with standard anti-allergy therapy.

Allergic rhinitis is becoming more widespread, especially in developed Western countries. It is characterized by sneezing, itching and a runny nose; it is often manifested only in a congested nose, breathing difficulties and no other symptoms, which is why patients do not always associate it with allergies. Furthermore, the onset of allergic reactions is more and more frequent at an early age, which is why it is important to protect the young ones.

What is ectoine and how does it affect the nasal mucosa?

Ectoine is a 100% natural ingredient extracted from extremophile organisms, which can survive in extremely harsh environmental conditions (such as extremely high and low temperatures, pressure, high concentration of salt, UV radiation...). To protect themselves from these harmful external effects, extremophiles synthesize ectoine. In the same way, ectoine can protect human cells from unfavourable external effects such as allergens and irritants.

Ectoine protects and stabilizes membranes by creating a protective film at the nasal mucosa. The patented name of the film is Ectoin-Hydro-Complex, and it prevents allergens and irritants from reaching cells and thus alleviates allergic reactions. Allergens and irritants cannot access the nasal mucosa, which makes it easier to remove them by blowing our nose. Furthermore, the mildly hypertonic solution acts as a natural decongestant, while the sea salts have a trophic effect on the mucosa.

The efficiency of ectoine has been proven in many pre-clinic and clinical studies. Like other products from the Aqua Maris range, this innovative spray does not contain any additives and preservatives, which allows for the care and protection of the epithelium of the nasal mucosa. Taking into account the safety, efficiency, its simple use and the fact that this is a completely natural product, Aqua Maris 4Allergy represents a new approach in rhinologic prevention and therapy. Protect yourself from uncomfortable allergens and irritants with Aqua Maris 4Allergy and breathe to the fullest! Aqua Maris 4Allergy is a non-prescription drug available in pharmacies throughout Croatia.

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