An innovation powerhouse integrated into its natural surroundings

The result of JGL’s investment in the INTEGRA project can be seen in the new modern building in Rijeka housing a research, development and quality control laboratory, state-of-the-art pilot plant, offices, restaurant for employees and guests and a JGL Pharmacy Museum exhibition space.

As part of JGL’s new investment project INTEGRA, a new facility was opened today in Svilno, stemming from the creative synergy of this largest domestic pharmaceutical company and the architectural team at Rožić arhitekti i partneri d.o.o. Every aspect of the project, from its programme and function to design, underwent rigorous examination, with the ultimate goal of creating a building that internally functions as a precise pharmaceutical mechanism while externally seamlessly integrating with the existing complex, forming an organic whole.

In terms of design, the architect’s biggest inspiration and formidable challenge stemmed from the existing site, dominated by JGL’s administrative building, which, with its distinctive fluid shapes that resemble the structure of DNA and grow organically with the company, has become a recognisable landmark at the entrance to the city. The modern and somewhat futuristic architectural style indicates that Rijeka is a business hub experiencing a positive transformation. 

Although the programme that defined the contents of this building is different and more complex than that of its much larger ‘older brother’, architect Igor Rožić has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the principles underpinning JGL’s success as a company – courage, innovation, organic growth, research and quality – which seem to be reflected in the architecture of the entire complex.

“Inspired by the challenges of the location, the existing structures and the intended use of the new building as a ‘house of innovation’, we harnessed the additional degree of creative freedom generoulsy provided by JGL to reconsider all established conventions and create a building that will be the best possible environment to be in and work for all who use it. To achieve this, we considered every workplace, making maximum use of natural light and introducing new materials and systems with a much greater degree of integration of indoor and outdoor space. For this reason, these spaces are intricately connected, both physically and in terms of design, in a new dynamic way, emphasising the importance of integrating architecture and the environment – man and nature”, said the architect Igor Rožić.

From this principle arose the need to pay special attention to landscaping, which incorporates the ‘Garden of Health’. It serves as a reminder that a thriving natural environment rich in medicinal plant species is the best partner in preserving both physical and spiritual human health. The creative team at Rožić arhitekti has once again demonstrated that it is possible to create an efficient, comfortable and playful workspace that is at the same time harmoniously integrated into its natural environment.

“The INTEGRA investment contributes to JGL’s vision of long-term, stable and sustainable growth. The project consists of three components – investment in production capacity, a new logistics and distribution facility in Kukuljanovo, and space for research and development activities in a new facility on Svilno. The latter also houses quality control laboratories and a pilot plant, as well as additional amenities aimed at enhancing working conditions. In addition, the expanded award-winning exhibit of the Pharmacy Museum, which JGL opened in 2020 in cooperation with the City Museum in the centre of Rijeka, is located there. We want to preserve and celebrate the collected valuable exhibits and archives and pay homage to the all the beauty and values passed down through the generations, emphasises Eva Usmiani Capobianco, member of the JGL Board of Directors overseeing the development of the JGL Pharmacy Museum project.

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