Probiotics for Urogenital Health

The usual treatment of bacterial vaginosis with appropriate medication is very effective, but due to an imbalance in vaginal flora a repeated recurrence of the disease is quite common.

In the first three months after treatment, bacterial vaginosis reoccurs in 15-30% of cases. After a longer period of time, almost 50% of women will see the same symptoms return. In case of vaginal candidiasis, 20-40% of women experience recurring inflammations four to six weeks after the treatment. For this reason, the recovery of vaginal flora is important for the treatment of acute infection.

Vaginal flora can be effectively restored by increasing the amount of lactobacilli with oral probiotics. However, one should know that each probiotic is not the same. Only a very small number of probiotic strains are capable of colonizing the vaginal mucosa. That is why probiotics should be carefully selected and used long enough to stabilize the vaginal flora, and thus help prevent the recurrence of infection.

Studies have shown that it is necessary to provide an addition of selected probiotic strains over a month. Today, two strains are proven to colonize the vagina. These are Lactobacillus rhamnosus, GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri, RC-14®. Oral intake of these probiotics is simple and convenient for women of all ages. It is particularly beneficial for pregnant women and young women in whom vaginal treatment is not possible. When it is necessary to accelerate the colonization of probiotic bacteria in a certain number of women, in addition to oral capsules, vaginal forms can be used as well, preferably over one week.

Every woman should know that inflammation of the vagina requires a gynaecological examination, treatment, and a lot of patience, but with the proper approach it is a curable problem. Hygiene is the important part of health, but it is not advisable to exaggerate with intimate hygiene and aggressive flushing. Daily care, from early childhood to old ages, must be conducted with an intimate mild soap which preserves the natural flora and acidic pH.

Women of mature age, menopausal or post-menopausal women, often experience the problem of vaginal dryness and that of the outer intimate area, which may also stimulate inflammation. Select probiotics and herbal products for the reduction of menopausal symptoms (products with meadow clover extract), as well as a moisturiser for intimate areas in the form of a gel, can significantly improve the quality of life and health.

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