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Dry eye disease

Technological development, along with all the benefits, also takes its toll. Daily use of a screen for more than 4 hours a day significantly increases the risk of serious symptoms of dry eye disease.1 Symptoms and signs of the disease are itching, redness, burning and the sensation of a foreign body in the eye.

The consequences are discomfort and difficulties when reading, using a computer, driving, etc.

Dugotrajna suhoća oka čak može uzrokovati...

Long-term dry eye can even cause damage to the surface of the eye.2 Employees do not recognize the symptoms of dry eye and therefore do not act preventively or therapeutically.

Reduced productivity and loss of working hours

Dry eye has a great impact on the quality and functionality of the sense of sight and thus significantly affects the quality of life and work productivity.

2% of employees are absent from work

during one year due to difficulties caused by this disease3

20 min/month. - direct loss

dry eye disease results in apparent presence, but without performing work tasks4

30% less productivity

due to distractions and inability to focus5

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